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Cooperation Technoplating

After years of cooperation, MNI has signed a exclusive cooperation contract with Technoplating in 2023. MNI would like to offer a wide range of treatments and coatings to their customers and sees in Technoplating a suitable cooperation partner.

Who is Technoplating?
Technoplating is a specialist in hard chrome plating and nickel plating of metal parts (cylinder rods, cylinder tubes, etc.). Technoplating works in various industries such as mechanical engineering, shipping, oil industry and offshore.


The coatings offered by Technoplating


Hard chrome plating
Hard chrome plating is a surface treatment technique used to strengthen and protect metal parts. In hard chrome plating, a layer of chromium is applied to the surface by electrolytic processes…more info


– Higher hardness (900-1100 HV).
– Improved wear resistance
– Improved sliding properties
– Excellent adhesion with the base material, resulting in durable and high-quality finish.

Hard chrome plating operations
– External chromium plating
– Internal chromium plating
– Repair of existing chrome layer
– De-chroming

Nickel plating
Nickel forms an excellent protective layer that protects metal from rust and other corrosion. Nickel plating offers very good corrosion resistance at layer thicknesses of 60 microns and above, but is much softer than a chrome layer. Nickel plating is therefore often used as an undercoat in hard chrome plating…more info


– Higher resistance to corrosion
– Dense electrolytic layer
– Excellent substrate for Hard Chrome

Nickel operations
– External nickel plating
– Internal nickel plating
– Nickel (hard)chrome

Nickel (hard) chrome
Nickel-hard chrome plating is a surface treatment technique used to strengthen and protect metal parts. The process consists of applying a layer of nickel followed by a layer of hard chrome to the surface of the workpiece. This is done through electrolytic processes and this combines the properties of both layers. This layer is mainly used in OFFSHORE applications…more info


– Extreme protection against corrosion
– High wear resistance
– Enhanced hardness
– Improved sliding properties
– Resistant to (sea) salt/acid environments

Nickel (hard)chrome plating operations
– External nickel (hard) chrome plating
– Internal nickel/hard chrome plating
– Repair of existing nickel/hard chrome layers

The machining operations offered by Technoplating


Round grinding and polishing
Technoplating specializes in the manual, traditional grinding and polishing of a wide variety of products. Grinding and polishing is used to improve the surface of the product, to obtain the right roughness, as a preliminary treatment before applying a coating or to work the product to its final dimensions…more info


Grinding and polishing operations
– External grinding
– Internal grinding
– External polishing
– Stone grinding

Internal and external honing
Internal honing is a machining technique for refining the inside of cylindrical orifices. The process involves the use of a rotary grinding stone to smooth the interior surface and achieve dimensional accuracy. Parts that require internal nickel plating and/or chrome plating should also be pre and post machined. For this, internal honing is the best solution.

External honing is an operation that largely distinguishes Technoplating from its competitors. By externally honing a part, you improve the surface quality by removing bumps, scratches and other imperfections. This results in a smooth and even surface. In addition, in addition to honing, the external honing machine also straightens and rounds your product which greatly improves the quality of the product. We can bring the product to the final size to within a few hundredths in a much shorter machining time compared to grinding/polishing. This also makes the production process more efficient…More info


Internal and external honing operations
– Internal honing
– External honing
– Unrounding machining
– De-chroming using external honing (accelerated process)

Blasting is a surface treatment technique in which abrasive materials, such as sand, glass beads or steel grit, are sprayed under high pressure onto a surface. The process removes rust, paint, dirt and other impurities, and creates a roughness that promotes adhesion of coatings. Blasting is often used to roughen a product…More info


Blasting operations
– External blasting

Other operations
If Technoplating cannot perform certain work in-house, they can use their network of leading specialists. So you can rely on one partner for all your requests!


Other operations
– Tamponneren
– Super finishing
– Transport
– On-site repairs
– Partnerships with leading specialists